Self-Care for Parents

Calling All Parents! This one is for you. Parenting is difficult sometimes and often the many tasks required of it go unnoticed. So, how do you recharge or replenish yourself to be the parent you want to be?  Think about what you need to do for self-care that you have probably neglected because you don’t have the time or the energy to do.  Examples might be going to the gym, taking a walk/hike, birding, gardening, or whatever you feel centers you.  It is the activity that can resupply you with what you need to parent well.  It might also be purchasing a brand of coffee or tea that you ran out of but really love.  If you hear a parent in trouble, ask them what small thing they have done lately to take care of themselves and it can make a big difference.  So, think about what your self-care was/will be and go and do it soon.  Your kids will thank you.