When to Get Help for Your Child at School

      This is the first full week of school for many students in New Jersey. Hopefully, the 2017-2018 school year is off to a good start and will remain so for the remaining 39 weeks. As parents, we want our children to do well academically, emotionally, and socially. So what can you do if you sense some difficulties? Get help for you child as soon as possible. Try your best to make it to ‘Back to School Night’ to meet their teacher(s) and know what is expected. Open communication with educators is critical to your child’s success. Ask them what you can do at home to help. If it is academic, get a good tutor or find a learning center near you, if you can afford it. For a more economic option, look for a teacher recommended high school student or even a family member (retired teacher etc.).  Make sure their eyesight is checked by a professional to rule out any vision problems. If year after year, teachers make the same comments about your child consider what might be going on with them and how you or someone else can help. If you have concerns, there are teams at every school that can meet with you and other administrators/staff to discuss your child. These can be called Intervention and Referral Services or Child Study Teams. Writing a letter to the team is the best way to express your desire to meet with them to discuss your son or daughter. The school counselors, social workers, and school psychologist are a part of the teams and can help with some behavioral/ emotional issues. If you need further assistance in figuring out how to get help, when to do so, or how to write the letter contact me today at (973) 202-6580.